Global Snuggle Party

Global Snuggle Party people holding handsThe purpose of The Global Snuggle Party is to generate peaceful connection, positive energy, and awareness about snuggling.

We  aim to do this by catalyzing the largest number of snuggle and cuddle events held near the same date. That date is Winter Solstice, December 21, 2014. And if we have fun with it, we’ll consider making it an annual event.

Even if you haven’t already read The Snuggle Party Guidebook, you can still participate. If you already have facilitation knowledge or experience through a group like Tribal Love Network, Cuddle Party, a touch-positive Meetup you run, or similar group, we hope you’ll join us! This way we can all magnify our ability to promote this important means of connecting.

You decide how to organize and run your event. All we ask is that you sign up your event here so you can get key updates, and so others can get a sense of the unified energy we wish to generate. Pick a date that works for you; anytime within a few weeks of Dec. 21 will help to build energy.

It’s optional but appreciated if you mention that your event is being held as part of the Global Snuggle Party, and provide an informational link to this site.

By the way, why Winter Solstice?

  • It marks the darkest (and often very cold) time of year, when such connection is especially needed.
  • It’s right before the popular holiday of Christmas, often observed in a way that leaves people feeling stressed out and disconnected. This energy is often felt by those who don’t observe it. Snuggle events can remind people to take a breather and do what’s most important–actually connect with family or friends!
  • It commemorates the beginning of formally organized snuggle parties in the U.S., Winter Solstice 2002.
  • It provides an additional way to celebrate and draw attention to nature-based holidays, which don’t usually receive as much media attention.

How to Get Involved
Global Snuggle Party people holding hands

Getting involved in the Global Snuggle Party is relatively easy.

1) See if there are already any local groups or facilitators you can partner with. Check the following to see if there are others in your area who have facilitated snuggle-level touch-positive events:,,, Facebook, and Google+.

2) On your own or with others, determine a date, location, and other details, and set up a private or public invitation page on a social networking or event site.

3) Once you know the basic details of your event including the date and town/city, go to the sign up form below and let us (and the world) know about your snuggle party. You can also let us know through the Facebook or Google+ page. (Will be posted at a later date.) Alongside letting us all know who is participating, and creating a bigger sense of unity, signing up enables us to send you any important updates.


Learn more about throwing snuggle parties, and how to prepare for one. You can download some of the free snuggle party tools on this site, and get a copy of The Snuggle Party Guidebook if you wish.

If you need to get any equipment, check out the snuggle party equipment page for ideas.

After your snuggle party, feel free to post any updates to the Facebook or Google+ page.

Global Snuggle Party Signup Form

Please note that the first three items (first name/last name/email) won’t be shown on the public list; they’re included so we can send you occasional important updates. If you want to include a sign-up/RSVP page through a social networking or event planning site, that’s optional.

Global Snuggle Party Host List 2014

If you plan to host a cuddle, snuggle party, or similar event on or near Winter Solstice (December 21) 2014, please let us know via the form above so it can be included here!